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Juliet Mumby-Croft - Director

Juliet is a founding director of Source. She was a health economist at a large HEOR consultancy from 1999 to 2015; from 2008 she was the senior director heading up the health economics team. Juliet went on to be one of two senior principals at another large consultancy, before founding Source with David Trueman in September 2016. Alongside her consultancy roles, Juliet has been a visiting lecturer at City, University of London since 2006, running workshops in economic evaluation. Juliet’s areas of expertise include economic modelling, HTA, strategic consultancy, and training.

David Trueman - Director

David is a founding director of Source and has worked as a health economist since 2009. He was previously a senior consultant at a large HEOR consultancy, specialising in technical modelling and statistical analysis for HTA submissions across Europe, before founding Source with Juliet Mumby-Croft in September 2016.

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Health Economics Team

Beth Hancock - Consultant Health Economist

Beth has considerable experience in the design and development of cost-effectiveness models, including global economic models and early cost-effectiveness models, in multiple disease areas. Beth is also experienced in adapting models for submission to health technology assessment bodies across Europe and Asia and writing the economic sections of NICE and SMC submissions. She has a BA in Mathematics from the University of Oxford and an MSc in Health Economics from City University, London.

Fionn Woodcock - Consultant Health Economist

Fionn has been working in market access consultancy since 2014, and joined Source in 2017. He is experienced in the design and development of cost-effectiveness models (including global economic models, UK HTA models and early cost-effectiveness models) across multiple disease areas and has experience in performing statistical analysis of trial data. He has an MMath in Mathematics from the University of Warwick and an MSc in Health Economics from City University, London.

Srobana Ghosh - Health Economist

Srobana joined Source in 2018 after working at a previous HEOR consultancy where she gained experience working on numerous market access tools. Since joining Source, she has worked on the development of budget impact and cost-effectiveness models, and HTA submissions across a broad range of therapies Srobana has an MSc in Health, Population & Society from the London School of Economics.

Hannah Lomax – Associate Health Economist

Hannah joined Source in September 2017 and has gained experience in the development of cost-effectiveness models and budget impact models in a number of disease areas. She has worked on global models and local adaptations for health technology assessment, and assisted in writing the economic sections of submissions to NICE and the SMC. Hannah has an MSci in Mathematics from the University of Birmingham and is currently undertaking a part-time MSc in Economic Evaluation in Healthcare at City University, London.

Elise Evers - Associate Health Economist

Elise assists in the development of economic evaluations, including global and early models, and adapts models for submission to HTA agencies. She holds an MSc in Health Economics from the University of York. Prior to joining Source in 2018, Elise completed an internship at the UC Davis Medical School Center for Healthcare Policy and Research, where she developed a decision model for an ultra-rare disease.

Oliver Burn - Associate Health Economist

Since joining Source in 2019, Oliver has gained experience building cost-effectiveness and budget impact models for HTA in a variety of disease areas. In his previous roles, Oliver developed Excel models of medical device markets in Europe, and designed cost-effectiveness analyses in oncology. Oliver has a BSc in Economics and Mathematics and an MSc in Economics. 

Yifeng Liu - Statistician

Yifeng uses his experience in data modelling and knowledge of statistical software to support the development of health economics models. Yifeng teaches part of the “Understanding Health Economics in Clinical Trials” short course at University College, London. Yifeng has a BSc and MSc in Biomedical Sciences, and a PhD in Clinical Trials & Health Economics.

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Systematic Review Team

Neil Webb – Head of Systematic Review

Neil joined Source in 2018 as head of the systematic review team. He was previously a senior consultant at a large HEOR consultancy and worked as team lead for their systematic review and network meta-analysis centre of excellence. Neil has a BSc in Medical Genetics from Swansea University, which included a year in industry at GlaxoSmithKline.

Julie Fricke - Senior Systematic Review Analyst

Julie has extensive experience in the systematic review process, including protocol development, screening, data extraction, and report writing. Prior to joining Source in 2018, Julie worked as a methodologist specialising in systematic reviews at John Hopkins University  Julie has an MSc in Evidence-based Social Intervention from the University of Oxford, and is currently finishing her PhD in Health and Behavioural Sciences via the University of Colorado.

Jenna Stephens - Associate Systematic Review Analyst

Jenna joined Source in 2019 after completing her undergraduate studies in Biomedical Science at the University of Warwick. Jenna is currently undergoing training and provides support on SLR projects.

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Medical Writing Team

Deb Burford - Head of Medical Writing

Deb has been a market access medical writer since 2011. Prior to joining Source in 2019, Deb was leading the medical writing team at a large HEOR consultancy. Deb has a BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Dundee and a PhD in Human/Medical Genetics from the University of Cambridge. After her PhD, Deb worked at the University of Oxford for Cancer Research UK, writing information packs for the NHS Cancer Screening Department.

Chris Hellmund – Medical Writer

Chris writes and edits HTA submissions (NICE and SMC), written materials for conferences and technical documents. He has a biomedical research background, having completed undergraduate and PhD degrees at the University of Cambridge prior to joining Source. Chris has a PhD in Medical Science and a BA in Natural Sciences (both from the University of Cambridge), and is a member of the European Medical Writers association.

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